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Hair Lie

Black females are losing their most beautiful and natural jewel (their hair).  Perms, shampoos, conditioners, weaves and wigs are enemy to natural beauty.

While we watch TV shows like Tyler Perry movies, Beyonce and the like we are dangerously deceived into maiming ourselves.  When you cut, perm and douse your hair with toxic filth you are maiming a part of your own body stupidly thinking it looks good.  You will later pay the permanent price of baldness and horrid self esteem along with unknown health issues.

Someone telling you to cut and/or perm your hair for a job is actually asking you to maim yourself. You better think about that one.

We all deal with many toxic chemicals everyday.  At least keep your damn hair though.  It is the jewel of you!

Weaves are a unhealthy illusion of what makes a good and decent person. Looking at the damage weaves and braids cause one wonders why so many have kept damaging their scalp and natural hair for many years.

One can never buy strength, purity, heroism, brilliance and anything good and decent. 

Massive amounts of money have been made of the destruction of natural hair and the slavery and harm it causes to the countries who take the hair of their own country women.


Hollywood has touted this putrid practice for years to each generation up to date.  

More women now days have permanent baldness, some lost their hair line and some have gotten diseases from weaves and braids.

Natural is best, it's you and the jewel of you.

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